"This is the foundation of the foundations" - Eric Tesi

MovMed Certified Recovery Trainer


The RTC Web Course


Our most comprehensive online course. Over 25 hours of videos over 7 modules. Continually being updated with new material.

Foundational principles and techniques that consistently improve nervous system balance, overall health, and functionality.  
Learn the signs of acute and chronic stress responses while increasing parasympathetic responses associated with breathing, swallowing, posture, and movement.

Restoring reflexive support systems often helps reduce pain and discomfort both in acute and chronic scenarios over a wide range of ages and populations.


You can also purchase a 6-week live coaching group, where you'll have both 1-on-1 and group sessions with an experienced MovMed coach.


 *All the testimonials on this page came from students who also received personal and group coaching through the material in the web course*
 **Either the live coaching add-on or attendance at a live certification event is required to officially become a certified MovMed coach and provider, see cert coaching group details below or click here for information on certification events **


7 Course Modules


1 - Pallet to Pelvic Floor (Mewing)

2 - Improving Midline Tone

3 - Hands and Feet

4 - Hips and Legs

5 - Shoulders and Arms

6 - Gait

7 - Assessment

Also Included
Supplemental Content and Programming
MovMed Guidebook (Coming Soon)
All Future Versions of the Platform
Eligibility for Certification Coaching Groups 


Web Course Cost: 



With 3 Month Payment Plan


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Equipment List 


20-50 lb Long Looped Resistance Band

50-150lb+ Sandbag (for laying under)

2 Competition Style KettleBells (for standing on, weight above 24 pounds recommended, but lighter can still work can be replaced with similarly shaped items like these)

2 Plyo/Toning Balls (1-3lbs)

Massage Gun

Wooden Dowel


Live Certification Coaching Groups 


By engaging 1-on-1 with a coach along with guidance in a group setting, you'll gain a much deeper understanding of the goals and effects of MovMed.


The sessions will generally follow the order laid out in the first 6 web course modules, but will also be catered to your needs.

What's Included
6 Weekly Online Group Classes
6 Weekly Online 1-on-1 Sessions (45 Minute Sessions)
Access to a community message board to interact with current and former certification participants.


Official recognition as a MovMed Certified Recovery Trainer, and the opportunity to take next steps as a MovMed provider.



Web Course + Live Coaching Package Cost



with 3 Month Payment Plan


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