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What Makes MovMed Different?

Our innovation came out of necessity.
While many of the modalities we've studied promised us solutions to our and our clients' problems, the results we were getting were not to our satisfaction. 
We realized that the nervous system and its capacity to manage stress effectively was not being addressed with enough holistic integration and precision.


MovMed is a practical application of theory derived from many sources, including... 

Functional Neurology
Mewing/Myofunctional Therapy
Respiratory Training (Breathwork/Vocalization)
Myofascial Training
Martial Arts & Eastern Medicine
Osteopathy/Craniosacral Therapy

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Learn a unique and highly effective approach to stress management, recovery, and overall health. 7 course modules with detailed breakdowns of techniques, routines, and concepts that have yielded massive success for our prior participants.

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The 5for5 Membership

A growing library of follow-along MovMed workouts of 5 exercises for 5 minutes each, with weekly live online coaching calls ran by MovMed coaches in English and Spanish for only $25/month.

Each 5for5 has a theme, like Mewing, Seated Lower Body, and Full Body Warmup, as well as Core, Stress, Lymphatic Drainage, and more!

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Mewing With MovMed 

This online course focuses on the head, neck, jaw, and airway. Create more definition and strength through simple exercises.

Learn important principles about restoring swallowing and breathing functions through a variety of exercises with a focus on important muscles and sensations. 


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Looking For 1-on-1 Coaching?

We have a growing community of certified coaches all over the world.

We'll have a practitioner directory or map coming in the near future. When you fill out your form let us know which are you live in and we'll see if anyone is nearby. If not, plenty of our coaches offer online sessions. 

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What People Are Saying

Our students' success speaks volumes.

"After struggling with pelvic floor weakness for almost 10 years after 4 pregnancies, MovMed made me realize I didn't know much about my neck and guts. Now my chronic neck pain feels much better, my ability to concentrate and vision has improved, and my pelvic floor feels way more stable." 

Valya W

Z-Health Practitioner

Fitness Educator

"I’ve seen tremendous benefits from doing MovMed both in my daily life and in my training. It makes me feel more comfortable in my body, where other workouts or systems have left me feeling deteriorated or stressed. I would recommend it for anyone."

Yona B


"MovMed helped me so much in understanding my body and my nervous system. After just one session I didn't have any brain fog for the first time in 10 years. It's definitely a great feeling to be able to improve yourself by relieving stress. Their techniques are so effective and genius, I always feel well balanced afterwards.

Valerie T


"I had only two MovMed sessions and learned so much about breathing and relaxing. Many other systems left me feeling stressed and uncomfortable (mostly in my neck). But after those sessions I could relax more and connect better with my body. I‘m looking forward to integrate more and more exercises into my routine.

David H