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What is MovMed?


Developed by founder Nathan Nussbaum, MovMed is a system based around feeling first... 

In the same way we think with words and images within our brains, our bodies "think" via sensation. The nervous system prioritizes sensory information, which provides the brain with live feedback on what's happing in and to the body. Much of our sensory processes are autonomic/reflexive by nature, but will degrade in the face of lingering threat to the brain. 

It is our goal here at MovMed to educate how you can repair and enhance your body awareness, while guiding you through what parts of your body you should focus on building up to provide the most long lasting rewards. By using a comprehensive understanding of the neurological relationships within the body, we can change the way your body feels and functions for the better.

Founder Nathan Nussbaum states...

"I started MovMed to give people the tools I had to seek for myself. Being limited in my own body and mind for so long had cast a number of heavy emotions on my daily life. For years I lived in a body that tolerated trauma I didn't know how to recover from. Gifts of mentors at the right time and the friendships which grew from those gave me the safety I had craved for many years, to finally explore my difficulties. Ive gotten to feel myself come back to life in a manner of speaking and it's only right that I do what was done for me, which is provide this information and give others like me the chance to find themselves again."

Our bodies are capable of great things. With MovMed's guidance you can join the many already on their journey from Stress to Strong!

Nathan Nussbaum


Nathan Nussbaum is the founder of MovMed. A family full of avid runners and gym bros, Nathan was introduced to fitness early. Basic ACE certification long since expired, Nathan credits most of his education to seeking out mentors in the space as well experience through application. Head injuries and significant life traumas filled his "stress bucket" up early and often. From therapies to self help, it wasn't until he met Chris Daly, co-founder of S10Fitness, that MovMed began to take shape.

I want to thank Chris from the bottom of my heart for who he was and what he taught me. MovMed wouldn't be here without such a caring and brilliant man.

Benjamin Thornton


Benjamin Thornton is MovMed's Program Coordinator and a Kinesiologist from Calgary, Alberta. He's been seeking improvement of his physical and mental health for over 6 years after being limited with injuries and chronic aches. Of all the other systems he's tried, MovMed has given him the most substantial relief from his issues, as well as very effective tools for working with clients including athletes, seniors, chronic pain cases, and more. His goals are to help himself and others feel more comfortable in their bodies, while performing the activities they love at a high and sustainable level.

David Fein 


David Fein, DPT, originally from San Rafael, California, is MovMed’s Clinical Development Coordinator.  He holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Baylor University and has over a decade of experience including both clinical practice and clinical research. Multiple sports injuries as a teenager led him to seek out methods of rehabilitation that could address the root cause of his issues, which led him to studying eastern and western approaches to health.  It wasn’t until David met Ben and Nathan and tried MovMed that he found the tools he had been looking for.  He has 7 years of experience studying osteopathic manual therapy, and applies this experience to the MovMed process.

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