Become a MovMed

Certified Recovery Trainer


In this introductory certification, you as the participant should be well versed in the foundational principles of MovMed. Once complete, the certified individual will have the tools to relieve most performance deficits in themselves/their clients. This system is focused around qualities of stress in the body, examples of which include breathing issues, joint dysfunction, spine health and an overall grasp on how the nervous system interacts with movement. 


This foundational certification will give one the qualifying education to further their certifying process with us if their goal is to be a MovMed provider. 


What's Included

*Over the course of 8-10 weeks depending on scheduling availability*

8 Individual Sessions

16 Group Sessions (Recorded)

MovMed Guidebook

Merch Care Package

Access to Higher Level Certifications


Cost: $1549 US

($1800 with 3 Month Payment Plan)


Example Topics

Improving Midline Tone
Grip/Improving Tone in Hands and Feet
Spine, Hip, and Shoulder Health
Assessment and Programming


Equipment List 

20-50 lb Long Looped Resistance Band

50-100lb+ Sandbag (for laying under)

2 Competition Style KettleBells (for standing on - can be replaced with similarly shaped items - confirm with us if unsure)

2 Plyo/Toning Balls (1-3lbs)

Massage Gun

Wooden Dowel


Certification begins June 15th/2023


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