Recovery Trainer Certification Web Course

A foundational online course that provides a conceptual framework and a kinesthetic experience to feel and understand the many relationships of the nervous systems.

7 modules of over 30 exercise tutorials with programming suggestions, conceptual breakdowns, recorded coaching calls, Q+A's, and commentary on popular topics or schools of thought.

This platform will continue to be upgraded and you'll have access to all future versions.

**In order to become become recognized as a Certified Recovery Trainer, you must complete one round of the supplementary live coaching, which you'll be able to purchase as an upsell on the next page.


$1,050.00 USD

Disclaimer - By accessing and using the information provided in this certification, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

1.The following online product is an educational product. This doesn't replace any medical or physical therapeutic interventions and is meant for educational purposes only.

2. You are responsible for evaluating your own health and wellbeing and determining whether it is appropriate to undertake the recommended exercises or activities in the program. If you are aware of any factors which would place you at risk to participate in any way with the online training activities, then you should seek appropriate medical advice before practicing what is presented in this certification.

3. By purchasing this certification, you acknowledge and are fully aware that you recognize the risks and hazards associated with undertaking the exercises or activities provided as part of the program, which may include discomfort or personal injury sustained as a result of engaging what is presented in this seminar.

4. MovMed can accept no liability for personal injury related to participation of this certification.